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Hi, Leah and Mike. I read that tonight's episode is about child molestation in Scientology. I've seen a preview clip and it's incredibly intense. We've already seen so many tragic stories in Season 1.

For several reasons, including Scientology's status as a church, their financial contributions to local police charities, and employees within the agencies that should be overseeing them, the normal law enforcement processes are not bringing justice, and that has really bothered me for a long time.

But there's another way to get the government involved. If we call our representatives and ask them to hold congressional hearings on Scientology, would you be willing to testify under oath, Leah? Do you think former Scientology officials like Mike, and people who have appeared on the show, including victims of child abuse, would be willing to testify under oath?

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Great! This is really exciting, because this is something that we can definitely do. To call your representatives, put your zip code into this site. It asks for your address, but usually it only needs your zip code. Call a local office. Ask for a hearing into the abuses of Scientology, and tell them that Leah Remini, former Scientology officials, and people who have been abused in Scientology are all prepared to testify, and that all they need is an elected official who is willing to listen to them.

Out of 535 members of the House and Senate, there has to be someone in Washington who is willing to be a hero and just LISTEN.

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