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canadian_intransit153 karma

What has the response from Congress been to your app? Are there any Reps using it?

canadian_intransit118 karma

If I can compare my views directly to my Rep's track record, this seems like a powerful tool especially in an election year. What has the response been from the Hill? Are Reps excited (or not) about the potential this has to dramatically increase transparency and accountability?

canadian_intransit7 karma

There are already so many form letters, etc, that you can auto send to Congress. What would be cool and perhaps more influential is if you could compare how the voting record for a group of constituents matches their Congressman's record.

canadian_intransit3 karma

This is great, especially in an election year! You said there are Congressman using this ... do you know if any pres candidates use anything 'techy' to reach voters?

canadian_intransit2 karma

Do you guys see "hacking Congress" as a growing public movement, or is it still relegated to tech/DC?