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Are you concerned that your article's focus on autism spectrum disorders as a correlate for schooling shooting behavior plays into the typical distraction of "mental health" we hear about after most mass shootings? America doesn't have a monopoly on mental illness, but we seem to have one on school shootings.

Relatedly, do you worry that a story like this stigmatizes the mentally ill even further?

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Thank you so much for the reply! I greatly enjoy your writings, and the threshold theory you invoked in the article was new to me. I learned something today.

I appreciate the intent behind the counterfeit deviance material. When I read that I actually first thought, "oh man, does that mean people with ASD get into all kinds of really serious and dangerous stuff, without any "evil" intention?" I had a knee-jerk reaction to fear people with ASD more than I had before, and had to talk myself back from that prejudiced position. That's why I wrote the second question I did. Thanks again for responding!

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What's the best thing to do with the turkey carcass when it's all over?

Also: any guess on when The Food Lab V2 might drop? First one was one of the best books on food and cooking I've ever read; can't wait to read the sequel! Thanks for everything you do