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lol just write a book about your personal experience within the church, make it juicy and come back here to reddit do another AMA and it might go viral.

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because jobs and income growth are affected only after the crisis. Trying to justify that there is no recession because jobs or income growth is very dumb because those are the indicators that are hit the most with economic downturn

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why are we pushing so much consumer-side efforts to improve the climate crisis and not that much producer-side solutions?

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well it's not always that bad, you could just sell it for agencies to target ads directly to kids that are going to college/first year of college basically which is your main user base. you could also sell the ad space yourself and be in charge for example that no fake schools advertise to them but have useful promos/info for them. just an idea because having a start-up is hard enough, I cant even fathom whats it like with no monetization plan. I'm just trying to help because you do have a good idea, I wouldn't want your business to fail because lack of a business plan which is why most start-ups die anyway

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Well ok, make your service that for them to use it they need to give you a whole bunch of info and sell said info later. Nah but seriously get someone that can help you with that subject and find a path to profitability. If you can manage to do that there are some new VCs interested in more sustainable start ups that help people.