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With glottoplasty generally, the whole range goes up although there are variations as some will have wider or narrower range.

While with Cricothyroid approximation the vocal range gets significantly narrower.

Neither operation is recommended for professional singers as the impact could be considerable and possibly career ending.

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Yes, there are options to make the voice deeper, mainly relaxation laryngoplasty (more commonly known as type 3 thyroplasty). However, this is hardly required in trans men as the voice drops naturally once they have started on testosterone replacement.

And yes cis-gendered individuals can have pitch adjustment surgery.

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One week of complete voice rest, hydration and steaming. Avoid coughing, sneezing and throat clearing. No smoking. Reduce caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

two words at a time for a total of 10-15 words a day in week 2

Then build up vocal use gradually

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No. The surgery including anaesthetic time and waking up is around 60 minutes. It is done as a day case where you go home after few hours

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It varies from person to person. Some can achieve pitch elevation with therapy alone while others struggle or find the voice forced and the pitch difficult to maintain. Regardless therapy is always required for a good outcome of surgery.