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Dril: How are you and Digimon Otis these days?

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I enjoyed The Deleted a lot and thought it showed your love for aesthetics, Brian de Palma and John Carpenter beautifully. Do you have any intentions of directing more any time soon and were you happy with how it turned out and the response it garnered? I feel like had it been on a more prominent streaming service it could have had a solid cult audience.

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I think more than anything it's getting downvoted because OP shared their view in a really polite and succinct, well-mannered way and then this person said what they said in a clearly antagonistic way as if they just want to start shit, when that's not what the thread is about. Also a ton of people are generally tired of every time a certain someone is mentioned on this site, somebody always sweeps in to "inform" everybody. It's a fight that doesn't need to start.

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At 90, you've likely seen the models for success evolve a lot in this country -- overall, do you think there is any specific "right way" to live, or do you think it's really a matter of the individual person and what they're about? Do you have any advice as to how people should go about finding whatever path leads them to happiness?

Thank you so much for this AMA, by the way. It's too rare that a lot of people get a chance to talk to people as experienced as yourself.