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Hi! Doctoral student in education here. My research has been focused on learning theory and reimagining a curriculum that is actually beneficial to students lives. I wonder if there is a correlation between SAT/ ACT scores and future wealth & success (using that as a benchmark of “succsss”) or are we wasting our time?

In your opinion, do you believe that standardized testing is necessary? Do you believe that standardized testing is a good benchmark for objectively measuring intellect (SAT, ACT etc) and ultimately impacting students lives?

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Interesting correlation - will look into that!

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Hi Graham, big fan. Out of all of the LA party bus EDM shows, which would you say was your favorite and why?

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hahahahahhahahah what. a . night

Glad you're doing this G, people love you!!

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As someone who does not know, what is the resource curse?