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How did he create fake hate? I would argue he exposed very real hatred. Not that it needed any exposing.

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Keep an eye on Starlink if you aren't already. That's supposed to (roughly) be the price for service when it's fully up and running.

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The most clueless ones always double down. Keep going. Let's see if we can get to three.

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The only angry people are the morons who called the number and threatened to kill OP for wanting to burn the flag, which is protected by the 1st amendment by the way.

Hey, that's weird. I seem to remember a lot of a certain group of idiots whining about losing their first amendment rights lately... I can't put my finger on it. What was it again? Can you help me out, bud?

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It's 2020, facts don't matter. Plus, it's way too much fun for all the not-so-closeted misogynists out there to say "that fucking bitch Carole Baskin".