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Curious what part of Australia. I've been considering admitting myself, but not sure how i'd go about it. Would you take the time to talk to me about this?

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if i'm honest, I can see the appeal in it. Misery loves company, and in a place like that where people are surrounded by other people, but are still at the loneliest, emotionally bankrupt part of their lives, they will find someone else who can sympathize/empathize with them.

It might not be the best idea, but it probably makes sense to them. Chances are it'll be destructive though

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I think you're confusing simple with functional (or maybe you're not and potentially evading the question by pointing out alternatives?).

I work in an environment where uptake on new technologies is hard. If i presented a Surface tablet to a manager and said "oh, you need to plug these in to make it work" or a samsung tablet and said "just drop it in the dock" i promise you that Samsung are more likely to win our business.

I think the point is, that while technologically capable people will enjoy their surface pro and gladly plug stuff in, someone who doesn't care so much and just wants to grab their tablet and go to a meeting won't want to deal with plugging/unplugging stuff (convenience factor) and Microsoft are potentially losing out on the market of lazy people purely by not having a dock

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strange, when i was seeing a psychiatrist a few years ago, I brought up to her the concept of whether a psych ward would be helpful to my mental state of mind. One thing she mentioned is that a big culture in those places is trading sex for medication that makes the experience easier to manage (and ultimately, makes the situation worse for the individual)

maybe that's an australian thing though

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Zero replies. Likely this guy is full of it