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caliber219 karma

I have an original Surface Pro, and my number one complaint with it is that when the battery stops holding a charge in two years, my only option is to have the entire device replaced by Microsoft for $450.

In two years, there's a good chance the device won't even be worth that much anymore, which turns the Surface Pro into essentially a disposable computer. This was almost a deal breaker for me buying my Surface Pro, and the only reason I still bought one was because I got a good enough deal on it that I've come to terms with the fact that when the battery wears out, I'll need to buy a new computer.

Is this still the case with the Surface Pro 3?

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I'm a Windows user, and the first time I used one of Apple's glass touchpads, I couldn't believe how accurate and responsive it was.

Last year, some folks from Microsoft came on and did an AMA on precision touchpads, promising that the days of horrible touchpads on Windows would finally be behind us. Then you released the Surface Pro 2 which used precision touchpads on its covers, and they were lambasted in reviews as some of the worst touchpads ever created, a fact alluded to in your recent presentation launching the Surface Pro 3.

The reviews for the Surface Pro 3 are out, and the touchpad has been described variously as somewhere around decent to at-least-better-than-the-old-ones.

Why is it so difficult in the Windows ecosystem to create a touchpad experience as good as the one found in Apple MacBooks?

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I have an original Surface Pro, and one minor design point that is a pet peeve of mine is that the power supply has a floating ground, such that under certain circumstances, you can feel electricity buzzing in its metal casing or feel small static shocks from touching it. Is this still an issue on the Surface Pro 3?