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Caleb from Hackaday.com here. Think they'll just ignore it like bump keys? Seems like so much money and trouble to go back and fix everything.

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He's pretending that you're actually Josh Weathers here to promote your band. It is a common joke on reddit when someone is genuinely recommending something.

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Mike! So happy you're doing this and absolutely love what you've done with Hackaday since I left. I read it every day.

What do you guys think you'll do for the international day of hacking?

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thanks! I (and my writers) try really hard to keep it that way.

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I love your stories. There's a truthiness there that makes it so innocent as well as hilarious. Its nice that you don't have to resort to stupid fart jokes and violence (not that I don't enjoy a good fart stabbing).

Your dog story was so hilarious that I snortle just thinking of it. Mainly because I know that dog. I know her well.

-- edit -- uh, I meant I know a dog exactly like that. I'm not stalking your dog or anything. I promise.