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In the future I would probably avoid flying on the same plane with that man at all costs.

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Running his own kingdom. He let people live in the houses for 25% of their crop.

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So is it possible the beard you can grow now would have been better than a beard you could have ever grown with your original face?

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From someone who had a valve replacement at 2 years ago when I was 22, wishing you the best in recovery. I had a bicuspid aortic valve that was at risk for an aneurysm so pretty much the same as you. I bet youre glad you are out of the hospital. I was in there for 7 days and it was hell. Things get easier by the day, especially since we were probably the youngest people in there by decades. (or at least I was). I actually still have discomfort from the wires used to heal the chest, so I will probably get those removed in the next few months, but it isnt too bad. Hope you arent in too much pain, the first few weeks sleeping and laying down can be a real pain. Did they repair the valve or replace it completely?

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The Fed should have started raising interest rates before 2015 and rode out the storm, if a recession comes they are going to lower rates even more until they are out of options, then you have negative interest rates and things truly get really fucky. Lending dirt cheap money to banks and corporations for this long has kept many with no ways out if we hit a bad recession. Expect the impact of the next recession to be worse.