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I am embarrassed to say I have not really studied or thought about this deeply before. I'm Canadian and biracial myself (Native/White) and racial identity is something I have studied a bit on my own and always been aware of from my personal experiences and those around me. I am similarly interested in the somewhat buried war history in my own country (Canada) of First Nations and black soldiers and fascinated by the concept of how people defending a country who persecuted them continued to be treated as lesser afterward... But have not thought of the other side really.

I have a million questions and will definitely watch the film... WWII and Nazi Germany is a painful but gripping subject... It's almost hard to imagine the atrocities, but at the same time I think a large degree of underhanded prejudice and oppression is still alive and well in many countries towards many people... So I think these things are important not only on a historical/educational level, but for social awareness too of the complexity of perception of race in the past and present.

I will try to think of one question only!!

What was the most surprising thing you learned during this experience? (Or a moment of something you learned or someone you spoke to that did not go as you had expected maybe?)

This is a subject I could ask so many things about.