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Well, yeah, think of it this way: porn conditions the reward pathways of your brain to ever more extreme and sexually stimulating inputs. As one thing gets boring, you seek something else, something more kinky, more unexpected etc etc. And so these reward pathways in your brain, which are getting all these orgasms in this way, become acclimated to this kind of stimuli. Then, cut to you taking home that girl from tinder, and your brain's like "uh..." que issues getting aroused. I personally think porn's fairly bad to consume in general.

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Yeah, technology is amazing. It has to be said though that apheresis is boring and it's very difficult to piss during the process which can take upwards of 6 hours. The tube sucking all your blood out is kind of gross. Of course these are minor things! But still!

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I also have hodgkin's lymphoma and just got my own auto transplant last month. Still haven't got a scan yet. What staging were you at when you went in to the transplant? My chemo before transplant was actually working well, but because mine was relapsed they still do a transplant. Did you get BEAM?

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Damn, they let you go home? I wasn't allowed to leave my hospital ward for 20 days. :(. Were you getting mini-Beam?

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Most needles don't bother me, but the rigid stainless steel large gauge they use for the out-line in apheresis was pretty gross and uncomfortable for me. Did you have to give a bone marrow sample prior to this? Because that is truly the worst thing ever.