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cabolch8 karma

Hi guys, discovered your podcast a month ago, love it. Whenever we play tabletop RPG with my friends I tend to take the mantle of DM, as I really enjoy creating worlds, characters and scenarios and watch the players interact. What I hate is railroading so if the players kill/ignore a quest hook NPC for instance I have no problem going along with the new narrative. However, being DM also means you should be able to offer the players a rich and layered environment; making up a whole new quest with new characters on the fly can be demanding.

I know how you do your research before running a game, reading scripts and such, but clearly the main appaeal of the podcast is when the players go off the rails as far as the original plot is concerned.

My question is, as a Film Reroll DM how many contingency plans do you need? Like in a John Wick run how much of New York is needed to be mapped out; do you account for a possible New Jersey trip with matching NPCs; is there a limit to this when players should be led back to the general area where the movie happens?

I realize these all depend heavily on the situation and how much fun everyone is having but as a popular podcast I would imagine you guys need to have some rules and guidelines for the sake of entertainment. What I'm trying ask is: during the actual podcast how much of all the possible story hooks/NPCs/events/venues are explored?