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A friend posted on FB that her dad needed a kidney, prompting research. It took a couple hours before I realized that people around me are dying and I'm not doing anything about it. I felt a clear obligation at that moment to pursue it.

Just because it isn't as theatric as a neighbor in a burning house or something doesn't mean the consequences of inaction aren't the same.

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Donated a few months ago. If you want to donate to OP specifically, you'll need to reach out to their hospitals transplant team (usually website makes it easy). If you're interested in a non-directed donation, which is what I did, you can reach out to a trusted hospital or go through the National Kidney Registry!

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I think there are 10m people on the bone marrow registry with 6k transplants a year.

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You're sweet... I'm actually antinatalist because of how dismal I see the future, but spend a lot of time volunteering with kids - can spread ideas way more efficiently that way anyway. I'd foster if my husband was on board but it isnt his cup of tea :(

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Adding to this, almost 100,000 people in the US are on the list waiting - so barely a quarter get the organ they need.