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What is a common misconception about Alzheimer's that you would like more people to be educated about? Also, what is the best way to talk to family members about the possibility of living with Alzheimer's in the future? How can we best prepare ourselves to care for family members who begin showing signs of the disease? Thank you so much for your much-needed research and work!

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What an excellent response - I wished more people trained dogs like you do. I love the concept of 'make the wrong thing difficult and make the right thing easy' - it just makes so much sense, and I'll certainly remember it.

I train my dogs (I have non-working border collies) by remembering that no matter how many 'words' I teach my dogs, I still know zero words in 'dog'. It's up to ME to figure out how we can best communicate. Knowing that the onus is on me to communicate really makes it difficult to be angry or impatient.

But I like your way of thinking and I appreciate you sharing!

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If I want to send flowers to someone in the hospital, what would be the best choice for ones that look really nice, but don't have a strong scent?

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Whoa. That's a huge number of people - I had no idea. Time to get talking, I guess! Thank you for your responses.

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Thanks so much!