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As an Oregonian I absolutely hate the bottle deposit law, which recently increased to $0.10 per container.

I also recently learned that any unclaimed deposits are kept by the beverage producers (Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, etc.).

As someone with curbside recycling who still consciously decides to "give away" the deposit at the curb, why is there still a desire to create an unnecessary secondary waste stream and go through all the hassle the bottle deposit creates?

Is there any push to have the unclaimed deposits go towards a public service instead (roads, parks, etc.)?

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You're mother needs to see a board certified allergist.

General practitioners are likely clueless.

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Is there really enough of a market to maintain both the Organic and Original versions? I haven't had the Organic Habenero yet -- is there much of a taste difference?

Also just like to say that I LOVE your sauces.

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Are you a native Spanish speaker or did you have to learn the Spanish for the show?

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Have you ever considered combining reviews of different similar listings together and provide an “average similar listing” review?

For example, I bought third party toothbrush heads for my sonicare toothbrush. Many listing show the same images for multiple listings with the random Chinese “brand” name changed, and each can have wildly different reviews for essentially the same product.

Would be nice for off brand listings that have multiple listings under different brands/manufactures for the same thing.