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I'm just happy to see that you can hit the 'reply' button

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the fif


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DOB, Would you fight or fuck your clone?

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I just want to say that thank you for your startup blog posts. I joined the industry as a consultant and never held a proper employed gig. It easy to drink the startup koolaid because everyone seems to be singing the same song. Your posts gave me a good hold on what's fluff vs important in a career.

As a question, how does one get into financial programming? How is the culture compared to startups' ruby on nodejs with IOT as a service?

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I'm a web developer who knows nothing about mobile dev. I've played around with React but I keep hearing about React-Native hype. I assume one of your focus on pushing React native is to make lives of devs like me easier. So, how would you advise a developer like me with my JS/Node.js background think of React Native? Is this like Phonegap or are we talking about wrapping iOS/Obj.C with JS APIs?