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What do you think explains why, to average Angelinos walking the streets, there appear to be far more homeless for whom drug/alcohol addiction is a primary problem than the City or the Times likes to acknowledge? Is there any truth to the down-on-your-luck, laid-off-by-the-greedy-corporation story looks better than the I-just-wanna-get-high one? Would it not be worthwhile to at least address the reality that some homeless would rather get high than stay in a shelter where that’s not allowed? Even if that group of people are only a few outliers, they appear to be significant in numbers and most visible to average citizens enough to where they should at least be addressed.

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Btw, the reports address your distinction somewhat in other comments by noting that the huge increases....... is now what they call "economically homeless," and about 30% estimated with "serious mental illness."

"Findings" like this actively worsen the problem by lying about the level at which drug use is involved in most homelessness. My question is why do the city and the Times go out of their way to do this? At the end of the day, no one wants to see these people homeless. This lying misallocates (and often wastes) resources, leads to the public's general misunderstanding of the problem, and meanwhile, much of LA looks like the third world.

Rampant public drug use, trash, encouraged homelessness, graffiti everywhere, the city reeks of urine and pot smoke, razor wire on fucking freeway signs?...and an insanely high cost of living for all of this? This progressivism is a mental disease.

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What about tying three different ropes to your body, each with a specific piano string attached, and jumping from the golden gate bridge so when your body is ripped into three different pieces it plays the NBC chime?

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Would you support government run casinos to fund this?

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Hey Phil,

Have you given any further consideration to selling offering personal voicemail messages from the characters? I would die for one from the General.

Second, I would love to hear more about Elcott's role with Erica Dorton / C.K. Corona.

Love it all brother!