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As a client if you feel your psychologist is doing something sketchy (video tapping you or hitting on you) what can you do to prevent it from happening to someone else without blowing up their professional life?

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I quit therapy altogether. I don’t want to ruin their life. I hope it was just a one off. I don’t think I can report it. I don’t report abuse, it’s why I went to therapy. It sucks it was the first therapist I felt was relatable or I could relate to. The others were older gentlemen I couldn’t say what happened to someone who reminded me of my grandpa. Anyways I’ll hope it was a one time thing. I should do what you said but I’m a coward. Weird things seem to have a way of happening to me. I try to laugh about it so I don’t cry about it. I think karma will kick her in the ass for me. I wish I could trust the process again though, that part hurts. Thanks for trying to help. You’re a good human, it’s nice to know there are some out there. I hope you achieve all you wish to and find all you need in life.