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I hope you are still here. I immigrated to Canada when I was five, and have been a Canadian citizen for the majority of my life. However, I have a dual citizenship elsewhere and now that I've graduated, I was hoping to go to the country where I was born to experience living/working there. Because of the dual citizenship, I would have to be paying taxes in both countries, unless I declare non-residency in Canada, which is what I was advised to do. I was also planning on coming back to Canada within the next five to ten years as I would like to start my own family and raise my children here.

My question is, due to the new bill, is my Canadian citizenship in any threat? Because I was born outside of Canada, have a dual citizenship, and may appear to have moved out of Canada completely (as I have no real assets here). Would not declaring non-residency and paying both taxes lower any threat to my citizenship?