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Yes. You will be asked again to bow. If you refuse again you will:

  1. Be locked in your hotel room for the entirety of the trip and be sent home knowing that you will never be able to go to DPRK again.

  2. Be forced to write a letter explaining your actions and apologizing to "the people of DPRK" and give that to your guides. They may also get into trouble for your actions.

If you fail to write that letter or if you do anything more to incite DPRK further, you maybe arrested and by that point, you will most likely be sentenced to hard labor or shot.

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I was told that on a briefing section held by the travel company.

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Well some may think it is all a show. I think it is just how the top 0.1% in North Korea spend their lives.

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Didn't try seafood so I don't know about that. However I can tell you that food is more than enough for all of us. We were stuffed from the first meal to the last. While it was not the best in the world, it is certainly good. For example this is what we ate in Kaesong, a city near 38th line: http://imgur.com/a/7ToJ8 Steamed insam chicken big enough for 3 people to share.

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  1. I stayed there for 5 days. 4 in Pyongyang and 1 in Kaesong (a city near 38th parallel). Pyongyang is relatively modern but Kaesong was a nightmare. Can you imagine a "hotel" with no power or water supply?

  2. Yes I was on a tour. In fact you cannot go in alone as far as I know. We didn't get any chance to walk around with no supervision but we did walk around in the streets in Pyongyang. It was a rather unbelievable experience and I saw more than I expected. The other "free" session is the visit to a shopping mall owned by the Chinese. (Most likely a mall reserved for the elites). We were allowed to shop there and had quite some fun.

  3. No I do not.