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I'm excited for this AMA that's directly relevant to my life! A few questions, if you have the time:

  1. My co-parent and I both took a course, early on, for parenting beyond conflict. It's been several years, though; can you offer any quick insights for methods and language to ensure that conflict between us is kept away from our 5-year old son?
  2. What negotiation tips can you offer for someone who co-parents with a person whose parents have money and pay for her conflict fees, has no accountability for conflict, has an attorney who specializes in conflict, and who believes that every negotiation is a distributive one where that party must "win"?
  3. Would there be value in a form of counseling to help us work better together, even if we can't stand being in the same room as each other? What type of counseling would it be (that is, what would it be called?)

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When you say "a group of like-minded soldiers and I deserted and became POW in a British camp", how did you identify each other as like-minded? (I imagine it being more than a bunch of 17-year old sitting around a fire saying, "hey guys, wanna desert?")

Also, I'm curious about what happened after the war. That is (apologies for not having read your memoir yet), what exactly happened in the POW camp when Germany surrendered? What was the mood, how were you treated, and how did you get back home?

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So were there any days where you really just "mailed it in" - that is, with inspiration and energy faltering in the middle of the project, you just got something out in order to keep your momentum?

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Thank you so much!

We do have a parenting coordinator right now - and have for years - but we're in our second round of custody/parenting plan evaluation and I'll try to get a parenting coordinator appointment that gives our coordinator more empowerment to help resolve conflicts between us. Currently we're in a position where she just ignores recommendations that doesn't like, which, since she's a very-much-majority parent, usually means she's choosing to marginalize me further.