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Does Wheel ever bring champions back for special rounds the way Jeopardy does? Maybe if they don’t, you can suggest it😜

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I think the last one; “improve the capacity of hospitals and the medical staff” is critical and not being done in the US. The stats show we have 1/10 the number of hospital beds we will need and nowhere near the ventilators we will need. Also people need to stock up on flu type medications (to reduce fevers, congestion and so on) because the majority will not be able to get to the doctors and prescription medications.

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Is an unvarnished look also an unedited and full disclosure? How can you do this if your family still has pending lawsuits against them?

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I respect your brave act but we’re there other paths you could have taken to keep your job at NPS? Are you unionized employees and could have filed a grievance for unsafe working conditions? Could you have asked for a LOA of 30 days? Could you have filed a formal complaint with HR and applied for whistle blower protection? Could you have called in sick? I suspect the parks will be closed within days as the government is always slower than the rest!

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We may have more beds per Capita but we need a lot more. I tried to give a perspective of beds but it was scrubbed out. Let me give just my perspective of the numbers. If this virus strikes 3% of the US population, say 9M people and 3% of those people become critical; say 270K people needing ICU care. Fact; there are 45K available ICU beds in all of the US.