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What reason is the sheriff's office using to not retest the bones? You said the state police tried to help you, so why wouldn't the sheriff just give them the case? Every police tv show I've ever seen leads me to believe they would be happy to give away a 30 year old cold case.

burnsalot60325 karma

Wow that's really shitty. I can't believe there is no recourse to force them to turn over evidence.

I'm not a lawyer by any means but given your testimony would it be possible to sue them to release the bones to you since you are next of kin? I'm sure they will fight saying you can't know if your next of kin but that's your argument, they dont know either and your testimony should be reason enough to force another DNA test to prove what you are saying. I'm sure that a lawyer can make that argument better than I just did. Or is mike, dorothy, ramon or one of the other 2 still alive? Maybe you could file charges against them and say the sheriff is withholding evidence in a murder case?

I'm sorry they won't help you, that's got to be incredibly frustrating. Just reading it makes me mad at the sheriff. What is wrong with them? It isn't like they have to do any extra work, just send the bones to a lab. That doesn't seem like a big ask.