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Former PETA US staff here. Many (though not all) of the animals PETA euthanizes are in bad condition. All of the animals PETA euthanizes are surrendered voluntarily to PETA staff. The shelters in and around Norfolk, VA, where PETA is based, are perpetually overcrowded and would likely kill the animals themselves (on the taxpayer's dime) if PETA were to turn them over. Still, PETA isn't an animal shelter and they've never claimed to be, and they don't make much of an attempt to find homes for the animals surrendered to them. There is (or at least there was) a pervasive attitude at PETA that animals are better off dead than languishing in shelters or foster homes. I have never shared this view but I have never had a problem with any of the decisions I've seen PETA staff make when it comes to dealing with animals in their care. I have seen several animals euthanized at PETA—the process couldn't be more compassionate.

PETA does the dirty work that nobody else wants to do. They go into rural areas and identify animals who are being mistreated/neglected (chained in a yard for days at a time, confined to a small concrete pad behind a chain-link fence 24/7, etc.). They ask the owners' permission to take the animals away. If the owner says yes, the animals are euthanized. If the owner says no, PETA brings them a hand-made doghouse and straw so the animal can be a bit more comfortable. Having witnessed the outcomes of both, if you ask me, the former is more humane. The numbers look bad because, unlike an animal shelter, PETA actively seeks animals who are injured, unsocialized, or otherwise undesirable.

The people who run these programs at PETA are some of the most compassionate and dedicated people I've ever met. This is thankless, depressing, awful work. I've helped build and load doghouses in the heat of summer, bag and deliver straw to suffering animals in hopeless conditions in the dead of winter, and seen despicable people do unspeakable things to animals right in front of me. And I didn't even work in that department.

Some people have a problem with euthanasia under any circumstances. Other people think PETA should spend more of their money trying to find homes for these animals before they're euthanized. I think anyone who actually gives a shit about animals should stop talking shit about other animal advocates and focus their energy on improving the lives of animals however they can. Seriously, people. PETA isn't causing any more suffering than the shelter in your community. If you want to save a cute little dog or cat from being euthanized, go volunteer at your local shelter and foster animals. PETA isn't the problem.

And on that note, BreakingGood (MG), this is some unprofessional, attention-whoring shite if you ask me.