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You're the guy who made The Feynman Series too!

All of my upvotes!

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He made a screenshot of him targeting your house, didn't he?

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Story from the street.

I was out of the, okay, first let me tell you a success story with my notoriety and my recognition: Someone was at my urinal at the, uh, Port Columbus bathroom, and I had to wait in line to use it, and when they finished doing their business, they turned around, recognized me and truly extended a long handshake just to say "Maaan, you're the golden voice!", after not even properly washing or sanitizing themselves. That was the wildest story since this notoriety.

And then of course, my bad homeless tale is... um... y'know, eating all my baby's, my grandchildren's baby food. My daughter had invited me over to stay to get me out of the elements and to give me a good night's rest and to wash, clean clothes... and I was so hungry that I just went to her cabinet and RAIDED, literally raided them, until I got to the bottom, the bottom of the shelf, where there was baby food, and I started eating them. And that was pretty bad when you go to your kids' house uninvited and eat all their food and their baby food.

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Well, I get me those chicken tenders! And, uh... fries, I'm one of those just combo people from the day of MickeyD's, y'know, I just love a combo of any sort, but I love chicken too. So, just the chicken fingers, and fried deep chicken fingers with fries and coke.

And thank you Grove City!

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Prayer. Lots of implemented prayer. On a daily basis. Acknowledgement, should I say, as well as prayer, but acknowledgement... as long as you feel that you have the condition of the heart that holds god near, you can't go wrong. Regardless of what your circumstances are. You just have to keep Him so close, and keep Him first above all things... My successes in the past meant nothing because I had no god of my understanding, I had a god of my understanding, but I had no god of the understanding of forgiveness. And once you've felt forgiven, there's nothing you can't accomplish.