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How did the voice recording process go if you were that young? I imagine it would be standard, just with a rowdy child.

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If authorities contact 4chan staff, they're required to hand over their IP (at least that's what moot said when answering a question about the legal process for when anyone posts CP).

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I actually just kept reading and someone else asked a little earlier and she already answered! That's pretty silly, though. I always wondered how they recorded little kids.

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I know GameMaker has app integration and costs about $100-200.

The interface is really simple, drag and drop, give different objects properties and functions, etc. It does the heavy lifting for you and you are also able to write in code as well.

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I have a tough time falling asleep at night because my mind can't really "shut off" and my thoughts jump from topic to topic.

What can I do to make it easier to quiet my brain and fall asleep?