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Wow this was like reading a plot for a movie. Are all the past events you went through constantly on your mind these days? What does your typical average day consist of now?

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Hi there, I am also a daughter of parents who survived the Khmer Rouge regime. The eldest two brothers on my mum's side were out before the regime started, one in in the United States, one in New Zealand.They escaped through the jungle to Thailand where my uncle in New Zealand sponsored them to come here. They arrived with only the clothes on their backs and not a word of English. My parents are my heroes, they are my inspiration in life and the bravest, strongest people I know. They went through a type of hell I will most likely never experience in my life time.

It always hits close to home when I hear of or meet other Cambodians of my generation whose parents went through the same thing. You probably grew up with long elaborate stories of escape told to you as "bedtime stories". Are you finding it hard to translate the your mum's answers from Khmer? I find it difficult to repeat my parents stories in English to people, let alone express them in typed words.

When I read that you are planning surprise your mum with a trip to Cambodia, I started tearing up. Last night my dad told me he has resigned from his job so he can "relax" – he totally deserves it. I told him he should go on holiday, and he exclaimed that it should be me paying for it. I wholeheartedly wish I could.

Anyway, sorry for the out pour, I saw this thread and felt instantly connected. You are doing such a beautiful thing, I wish you all the best!

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How did you get to where you are today, did you go to culinary school?

Do you, Gordon and Chef Scott hang out outside of shoots?

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Our TV is really stuffed at the moment, the volume can only go really quiet or REALLY LOUD. My mum watches those dubbed movies on it and I can here the whininess of the voice actor from my room. On the other side of the house.