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My six day old son was embalmed after he died due to complications from open heart surgery. We were in a big city with a Children's Hospital approximately five hours from home. The plan was to move home when our son died as we had no reason anymore to stay there anymore. However, I was still admitted with a severe e. coli infection. When the funeral director from our town showed up to pick our son up and realized I was still admitted and wasn't sure when I would be released, as well as having to pack up our house and move back home, he suggested we embalm him. I wasn't opposed to the idea but he explained it wouldn't be what I expected due to the small vessels. He was right. As a grieving mother, I wanted desperately to hold my son again one last time before his funeral but the embalming of my son was so unsatisfactory (without going into the awful details), I couldnt.

Since then, I am determined to research every available method and find something that works better so that another grieving parent doesn't have to go through what I experienced. Interestingly, I read a blog of a funeral director who has also experienced problems with unsatisfactory results when preserving the bodies of babies and small children. He has developed his own method where he embalms through the aorta of the heart, but usually doesn't like to do this unless the parents are fully aware of how he has to access that particular vessel.

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Why hasn't the funeral industry come up with an effect way to embalm babies? While I realize the vessels in babies are very small, there has to be a better way than the osmosis method which doesn't properly embalm and tends to dry out the skin. I am currently applying for a funeral services course at university and this is something I'm interested in developing in my future career.

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Thanks. It was pretty traumatic. My Grandfather and Father were both funeral directors and I have considered the idea on and off over the course of my adult life. The episode with my son was the catalyst that propelled me to commit to the funeral industry. When people think of funerals and death, there's a lot of sadness associated, but I see a great deal of love.

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Thanks. I appreciate your candor. Best wishes in your new adventures!