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Well, most people aren't going to be buying the 60kw battery. The car's so expensive, most are going for the 85kw battery. Buying the 60kw is like buying a Mercedes S320 or a BMW 730i

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Would you say it was a net positive or a net negative that you got introduced to furries, given your rapid ascension to ultra-mega-popufur and somewhat polarizing (at least in the telegram chats I'm in) persona? Also, Can I buy you a drink at MFF if you're going? I'd love to pick your brain about law and such. Yours truly, a dragon

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very fair. Thank you for the response, hope to run into you in Chicago

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This is one of those areas where "teaser trailer" just works so well

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Being that you have better knowledge of this than we do, who do you see breaking out in a few years as a top level up and comer (we will know if you promote your clients)