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  • when will mechs actually feel solid, and we will not be able to just walk through them like there's nothing there (if they fall down and we dont)

  • It seems that BAP and ECM are able to be equipped on any mech. What reason would one have to use the Raven over the Jenner if the Jenner can do everything the Raven can do only it can do it better. More/better hardpoints, jump jets.. etc

  • I think in order to sustain itself in the long run, this game needs to build a community. A great way to do this would be to have a global chat in the front end UI, along with different channels for units, recruiting, etc. Also the ability to whisper other players easily. (don't hurt me, but i'm thinking almost a straight copy of WoW's chat system would be great)

  • Is there plans to change the mechanic for unjamming the UAC/5 so that it can't be easily circumvented with a simple keyboard macro?

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There have been many changes not noted in the patch notes, first one that comes to mind is the implementation of the UAC/5 Jamming, and the mechanic to unjam it

Along with other less than clear explanations like "we increased the range of the ER PPC" .. but you forgot to mention that you reduced the "max Range" from 3x to 2x

those are just a couple of examples, i'm sure there have been plenty of changes that were not noted in the patch notes, and had to be discovered by players. Who knows how many that have gone undiscovered completely

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Are you guys doing the hotfix patch right now? can't log into the forums