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Do you believe that exposing of such officers in large groups will diminish the trust and respect of the police department? What happens to the good cops? Will they also be looked upon by an eye of suspicion?

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India and Pakistan won't leave Kashmir it is a fact and the BJP government has made it certain to do something about it. What do you think this will lead to? Will it be better if Kashmir gets complete statehood (not anytime soon it's obvious)?

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To what extent do you think luck is needed if any to be noticed by the viewers since there are so many pornstars trying to be famous? Do you think some pornstars create fake body standards by undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries?

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Sorry is this your AMA? If this question does not bother the investigators who are you to take offence?

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Don't worry. 35A will come back is some form or another. No one other than Kashmiri origin or residents of Kashmir will be able to buy lands in Kashmir. But how much of that will be followed I don't know. But it is sure no small industry and general public will be able to set up anything in Kashmir other than the big names. I mean a little bit of capitalism is still ok right?