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Hello Kevin, my question is: how do we go about educating politicians on the dangers / collateral damage caused by the AA bill? It seems like a number of those who voted in favour of it have a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to digital security....

I recognise there is also a need for methods that will allow police to monitor those with nefarious intent using encrypted platforms but this will destroy trust in Australian developers, myself being one. I'm already having to figure out my 5 year plan to move internationally and potentially revoke Australian citizenship... which sucks, I like Brisbane... it's my home.

Also when you're next in Brisbane I challenge you to handball. Name a time and place.

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budgiekings13 karma

I'll hold you to that. Maybe the Brisbane International can have a handball side-tournament next year...

As for the AABill, I hope it's repealed and then its replacement is subject to proper scrutiny. I don't think the industry can wait for amendments to be discussed, it needs to disappear asap and be revisited properly to restore trust.