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In an ironic twist, that tweet is now fuckin hilarious

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I'd love to see a "random" tab implemented to make my porn viewing experience a little more adventurous and interesting. Are you thinking of implementing one?

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Hi Mr. Cosby. What's your favorite animal?

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Hi Warlizard,

You're obviously Internet-famous (or at least reddit famous). Do your kids/wife know about your internet fame? And particularly your kids, do they really understand it? What's your favorite restaurant in Scottsdale?

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Thanks for bringing up this point.

I'm not the OP, but there are not enough people who realize how the system is set up to take advantage of people who are poor or uneducated.

The saddest part is the people who are able to produce action, or organize large groups of people, are those who are educated and have money.

It makes it nearly impossible for these large groups of people who are seen by many Americans as "less than" to realize they're being targeted. Those who are more privileged who even see what's being done have an attitude of "that's a poor person problem, they choose that life." Maybe they do choose to do drugs, but at the age they start, they probably didn't choose to be poor, choose to see school as pointless, choose to have tons of people in their ear telling them that school is dumb and drugs are fun...

But when it happens to people with money, well, then something must be done and we must help them recover from this awful addiction! Not send them to prison like we do lower class citizens...