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It's a weave hair system where they stitch it tight to his head. The HQ for the company that uses the system only had two locations and one of the locations was inside Trump Tower on his private floor.

Gawker on his hair

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A friend of mine is struggling with obesity(food intake). While the appearance is the opposite of anorexia, do you believe they are related or rooted similarly?

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Thank you. The struggle right now is the only real option the doctor is telling her about is Gastric Bypass. I can only assume this is the main option because he does not believe she will change on her own.

I will pass on this information. As a friend I want to be sensitive to her situation and at the same time not sound like a know it all since I certainly don't.

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I had my arm crushed in a sports accident due to speed and impact. I had a complication that almost made me lose my arm but luckily some surgeries saved it.

Anyways, I literally feel your pain, but only in one portion of my body and am glad you've recovered.

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Are you familiar with Carl Munck and his concept of geomathematics? He does a fascinating job explaining how structures, such as the pyramids, point to other structures on Earth and beyond.

He goes into great detail about the Egyptian Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the many other pyramids around the globe that are all located near the equator.