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What does it mean when a trucker turns their lights off, and then back on?

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I'm very interested in leaving the US and moving to Canada. I'm one year away from earning a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering. Is that enough to make it in to Canada? I know to work in the US it's an absolute nightmare to prove you're of "value" to the country, but does Canada work the same way? Would I need to find a company willing to hire me up there first, or does all of the immigration paperwork need to be taken care of before they'd consider hiring me?

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I've heard people say they don't think dinosaurs are real... How would you react to that?

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Attending Grad School was actually an option I've been looking into. I'm currently interning with a company that has a Canadian HQ as well as one in the US. Do you think that I'd have more options if I worked for them, or does it not really matter since every company would have to go through the same immigration process?