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That’s a credit report issue that you take up with the reporting agencies. You tell them you dispute it and provide whatever supporting documentation you have and go from there. Doesn’t matter about the debt collectors themselves.

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Glad to hear :)

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I notice on their question if anyone else was involved, you said no, well aside from the videographer. I'm curious to know, was there video editing done to accomplish the effect?

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First off, thank you so much for your foundation of Second Life! To have such a world in which you can do, be, and create, anything you can imagine pretty much, is really neat! I joined it around 15 years ago and have since drifted away but I'll always fondly remember the possibilities for creativity and social expression that it brought to the digital age!

What are your thoughts on other platforms, such as NeosVR which seems like the same spirit of creativity and expression, but in VR? Like if SecondLife and VRChat had a baby. And have you checked in on it recently?