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What’s the name of your first pet?

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What's the toughest day you've had off the grid? Ever consider grabbing a hotel room for the night?

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Recovering from a csection in those conditions seems crazy. You're not supposed to lift anything for 4-6 weeks right? And wasn't expecting it to be the heat that got to you in Vermont. Are you planning on staying off the grid for a while? Will you discourage your kids from playing video games/watching movies at friends houses when they get older?

Edit: crazy... as in really tough

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Your dad works for the FBI? Did he try to convince you to leave this alone?

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Your "hook model” aims to, "build products that create habit-forming behavior in users via a looping cycle that consists of trigger, an action, a variable reward, and continued investment." What is good example and a bad example of this model being implemented?