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bruce_mcculloch29 karma

well MOSTLY. it was so wild once i wrote that sketch to realize i was setting myself up karmically to get cancer (i have also made several bowel cancer jokes and played cancer boy) but of course when Scott got cancer 6 years ago people kind of blamed me....

bruce_mcculloch25 karma

well there aren't many because, at times, it just seemed so hard for us to have enough stuff to fill up the show. but i will answer a DIFFERENT question that u didn't even know you wanted the answer to. My fav sketch that i always intended to write and never did was called "I'm not crazy I just lost my glasses" i still want to write it. Or not.

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i love sandwiches. they are trustworthy. you tell a sandwich a secret - it will stay a secret. Some people think they taste good. I don't know about that - i just keep them around as my 'secret keepers'

bruce_mcculloch23 karma

that is one of the things i think we have talked about the most - a limited ep series of sketchs...

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you are too kind. the memory of that meeting is vague but ALL of them are rolled into one. For me (and by the way i have never thought about or had mentioned the snippet you mentioned) i do this to say i am the awkward one. when someone takes a pic with me and the other asshole can't work the camera I am the one who feels the pain... we are all the same. I met carly rae jepson in an airport my young daughter wanted a pic with her - i couldn't figure out the camera. I became you. Because i am you....