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brrrrrritscold11 karma

My 3 yr old son is a massive firefighter fan! He wears his firefighter boots and hat on every walk and we have to walk to the fire station at least twice a week to see the trucks through the window.

My (probably dumb) question is this: Are you guys ok with a curious toddler wanting to check things out and ogle you? I always fear we're going to annoy them when we go by. Last time, one of the guys came out with a loot bag and it made my little guy's day, but I'd hate to be that annoying mom who brings her kid around all the time! Is it a useful break in your day or just annoying to have to chat with a little fan?

brrrrrritscold2 karma

Suggestions on when and how to start mindfulness and meditation with children? What is the best age to start? We've been trying to teach our 3 year old to breathe deep when he gets frustrated or over stimulated. Thoughts?