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a lot of this is mentioned in the recent Google Talk he gave

The short version of the answer is that he licenses his model to the NYT and this model is what he makes money from, so he doesn't want to release the model itself (it's source code). However he tries to be as open about the methodology of the model as he can be.

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You should really compare the cost of that bronze level coverage to what a similar insurance plan would have cost you pre-2013 on the individual market.

If you assume you won't have any unplanned medical expenses, then of course a "no insurance plan" option is always going to look cheaper - because you aren't insuring against the unplanned events.

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the lifetime cost of Obamacare is higher than under market-driven premium rates.

If those young people can get cheaper plans, then why aren't they doing so? Obamacare isn't replacing the insurance market.

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this was really one of my favorite parts of any Community episode

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or does being David Brooks require a conscious choice

love the way you worded this