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A lot of people claim weed is not addictive, or that THC is not an addictive substance.

Would you agree that this is untrue and that weed can actually be addictive?

Also I have had mangos, green tea and dark chocolate 45 minutes before I smoked as I found it boosts my high, is there any other foods/drinks that can boost ones experience?

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Thanks you for clarifying this, I appreciate your response:D

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Why in recent years has it been that more ‘pop culture’ forms of entertainment have been taken off Netflix?

For example you would find it that amazon offers ‘The Office US’ on their prime service and have for a while, and Netflix (UK) only recently had it added. That being said there is a plethora of Netflix originals to be viewed on Netflix, but a lot less mainstream media films and tv shows that I was able to find a year or two ago.

Are you planning on having the vast majority of Netflix becoming Netflix original films and shows?

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I think the main issue is it getting so advanced that it gets rid of jobs, cause then so much people will be out of income!

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That’s good to hear. I think it’s not only a case of strengthening the political system but it’s also a case of ensuring the public of their job security. With the advancements such as drones and robotic equipment able to take on tasks that humans are meant to do with ease, I see why business owners would want to invest in them. But furthermore that could just ruin the world, or as my dad says ‘it will be like WALL-E the Disney film’.

Personally I think that after COVID-19 passes over that business’ will have a newer mindset, for example many business are going to stop having meetings in one room, and will allow people to work from home more as labour productivity doesn’t seem to be an issue for many companies, I hope retailers like amazon also reconsider their decisions on investing in advanced hardware