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You guys have been touring like crazy and I hope you keep it up forever, but have you been writing any new material? If so, what direction do you envision taking your sound with your next LP? I can't wait to see how you guys follow up Evil Friends. #JohnZooley #PortugalTheZoo

I saw you in Boston last fall and I'll be seeing you again at Osheaga this summer. Rock on!

Edit: I just got this awesome wood print in the mail. Super down.

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Thanks for the reply, buds. Do you think you'll include the Endangered Song in your setlists this summer? I'd love to hear it live, it's a great song!

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What games are you playing?

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Hahaha, straight to the source. I like it.

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I went as a wolf for Halloween last year that was hugely inspired by that sheep suit. Best costume I've ever worn.