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Don Vultaggio,

I absolutely love your products sir. I have been drinking them since I was a child, I even convinced my corner store deli to carry the rarely seen(at least in my area in Ny) cranberry flavor. I have so much respect and loyalty because of your maintained price point and maintained quality, I wonder what a man like you did before you started your drinking company,And how you felt taking the risk(perhaps financially at the time)to go global?

My admiration and respect, thank you.

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What were you prescribed/treated with over the course of your treatment and recovery?

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Hi Mr. Alpert! Have you ever helped or thought about helping to bring other genres to the international stage, such as Arabian themes?

I have a team that’s trying to get our film 🎞 done and into the mainstream.

Do you also have any advice for how we can get in touch with studios on average to seek help? Any advice and tips from someone so deep in the industry would be incredibly helpful, and we’d be very grateful for it.

Thank you for doing the AMA!

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I love ideas like this because it gives hope in changing the education system. So that’s my question, how do you see your app doing that, and how do you see future changes to the education system being possible?

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