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broken_hootowl4 karma

I've been blind in one eye since birth. The concept of trying to "see" with my bad eye is very strange. Like I've tried and I can't make my self do it. It's like my brain turns off that eye until the good one is blocked or closed.

broken_hootowl4 karma

I was also born blind in one eye. Mine blinks and follows with the one that has vision but I was curious if you have the same struggles that I do. So I sometimes I get weird headaches where my brain is trying to force my blind eye to see and it's so bad sometimes that all I can do is lay down until it goes away. Only really happens when I focus too hard while drawing or reading a physical book.

Also do you have balance issues? I've been without vision in one eye my whole life but I get disoriented very easily and I sometimes loose my balance just standing.

What is your "good" eye's vision like? I have 20/15 which I think is a fair trade off for not being able to use the other.