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Out of curiosity, what on earth is the brand of condoms they are using?

The testing process for condoms is absolutely brutal, and every single one is tested in like three to five different ways before it ever even goes into a package. (Laser imaging, air pressure testing, water testing, the list goes on.) I mean, yes, condoms do break every now and then, I know that. But if your sister is dealing with a break so often that it's a routine occurrence, that company deserves a letter or a phone call or something. Their standards are obviously not up to scratch—and everyone else may not be as lucky as your sister in avoiding an accidental pregnancy caused by company negligence on their testing procedures.

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Hi there! I arrived here through a retweet from the Sundance Institute—which has me wondering, are you planning on bringing your film to the festival this upcoming year, or are you on a different/longer schedule? I'm looking forward to your film and would love to see you at Sundance sooner rather than later!

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My favorite fast food experience ever was at the Taco Bell drive through in my town a couple of moths ago. I love T-bell mild sauce and it really makes crappy microwave quesadillas suck a lot less when I can't even afford to go get real Taco Bell, so this trip I asked them for "a lot of mild sauce...when you think there's enough in the bag, please add two more." You know, to have some for later. Though I would get like, 6 or 7 packets.

Got home. Opened bag. Counted.

57 packets of mild sauce.


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You can attach a trojan condom to a bathtub faucet, turn it on, and literally fill the bathtub with a condom water balloon. I highly, highly doubt that a small condom is the issue at hand.