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Taking this seriously, isn't having kids one of the most rational things you can do? (like the purpose of life and all...)

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Could you tell us a little more about the project you're working on?

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Having kids ... decreases your over all happiness

Maybe for some, but I know of people who's life goal is to have kids.

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I would probably agree with Dan, here. For the vast majority of people, I'm not sure rationality factors into their decision to have kids. People have kids for all sorts of reasons: social pressure, desire to create a small little version of themselves and their partner, accidents, just for the hell of it, etc. All of these reasons are probably not rational (this depends on exactly how you're defining rational, of course).

I agree; I don't think many people have kids to ensure the future of mankind or promote their selfish genes or whatever their goals are. But even if their reasons are irrational, can't this still be a rational choice? It would be like (correctly) choosing the other door in the Monty Hall problem because you thought it looked prettier.

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He may be the greatest genius of our time.