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Dave. Many years ago, my friends and I were driving to Queens to see a taping of the State. Somewhere in Brooklyn, my car broke down. By the time we got to the studio, we had missed the first taping (which our tickets were for) and were told that we wouldn’t be able to get into the late taping. We were very bummed. A few of you guys came out to meet those who couldn’t get in and we told you what happened. We saw you go over to the crowd control person and talk to her. You never told us what you were doing, but a few minutes later, she came over and brought us all in. It was amazing and you won yourself a fan for life. For the record, Michael Ian Black was not helpful and was kind of a dick about the whole thing (which I guess is his thing). Anyway, thank you for that.

Question — how much, if any, of MP is off-script? I guffawed at the card game when Lola said “for an attark!”

Sorry if this question was already asked and answered while I was writing this novel.

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Her delivery of that line is just perfect. Thank you for the reply. And we did enjoy the show. There was a Doug sketch and also the teachers’ room sketch, which was great.

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Hahaha. That is the most underrated State sketch. Coffee what a donut??

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For the record, we weren’t approaching him. We were at a taping and some of the cast came out to meet people who were bumped from getting into the show. I also think him being a smarmy dick was just kind of his schtick, especially back then when they were just out of college. Anyway, the point of this was to point out that David was awesome and genuinely cared and went out of his way to help us out when he didn’t have to do anything. Kerri Kenney and Ben Garant were also very nice. And I think Showalter? Though my memory of everything is a bit foggy 25+ years later.